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Our prices are based on a 1/4 of an acre.


1 or 2 dog

3 dogs

4 dogs

1 time/week

$19.50 weekly

$22.50 weekly

$28.00 weekly

4 or more must be determined at the time of signing up!

Monthly service is billed monthly (at the end of the month). If we are sick or the weather stops us from doing service, and we pick up 2 weeks at one time, then we still invoice the monthly price. This service is billed in bad weather such as snow or single digit temperature because the poop is frozen and will stay as fresh as the day it came out of your dog or cat. We will pick up 3 or 4 weeks at one time. That is why we invoice in this way.

Our Payments

A one-time surcharge may be added if your property has not been cleaned recently:
If we are there for: 0–19 minutes — $30.00
                             20–29 minutes — $60.00 (common)
                             30–59 minutes — $120.00
$25.00 for every 15 minutes thereafter!
$10.00 charge will be added to the bill each time we need to use a leaf blower to find your dog poop!

Spring Clean-Ups

This service is for yards that have not been cleaned during the winter months. We will base our quote on your lot size and the amount of waste that has accumulated over time. Please call us at 215-379-0183 to have one of our staff members quote on this service. Our rate starts at $100.00 per 1/2 hour.

One Time Clean-Ups

Fee is approximately:
1/2 hour — $200.00
1 hour — $300.00

Commercial Accounts

Please call us so we may visit your properties first and give you a written proposal. Please tell us what your insurance needs  that you company requires.

These insurances are required by law to service commercial properties! Depending on the apartment size prices can range between $25.00 to $125.00 per week.

We are not responsible for damage to property or loss of pet(s). Other services or persons may come in your yard too on your day of service. A service charge of 1.5% per month, 18% APR, will be added to all overdue accounts. Also, liable for all legal and collection fees. A $25 late charge, per month for every month outstanding. There is a $50.00 return check charge on all checks that are returned. We do not get the check back, only a copy of the check. We cannot put it through again.

Customers are required to must call by phone not TEXT. You can also send usps certified mail to cancel service.

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